24 hours

I keep wondering what people are getting at when they put a huge effort into shaking hands, making conversation and swapping business cards and then disappear off the face of the earth.

Almost as bad is following up days or weeks later to say how nice it was to meet.  By choosing to (re)start your conversation weeks down the line when you have the option to do it within 24 hours you’re communicating that lots of other things are more important to you.  This conversation is low on your list.

That may be right.  Just be clear that it is a decision.

The other 364 days

You just landed the big invite to that (conference / meeting / working group / brain trust) that’s been your dream.


The big day arrives.  You go.   You engage in important and meaningful conversation.  You really connect with people.  You feel like you’re really part of something important.


And then what?

We celebrate the fact that we got in.  We feel exhilarated by the experience of being there.  But what comes of it all is the result of how we engage with our new community the other 364 days of the year.

The test is: the conference / meeting / working group / brain trust invites you to the next meeting. Before jumping back in, ask yourself, “How have I engaged with the group since the last meeting?”  If the answer is “not at all” are you willing to pull the plug and not go back again?